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Video Downloads Help

Below is general help and information. If you have already purchased your download, had trouble downloading, and need to try again, please:

All Users

  • We suggest that all users use Internet Explorer for the download process.

  • Before attempting to open the video please make sure you have Windows Media Player installed or a media player that can play the wmv format. If you aren't sure just click on one of our trailers and confirm you can view it.

  • If you have any trouble with your download remember you can try it again within your 2-day time period. Return to the page of the video you purchased. Scroll down to the link that says "Return to Download Page". Right-click on that link to attempt the download again.

  • When you click OK to download the video it should ask you where you want to Save it. Take note of where you have saved the video. If you can't find it please check your desktop.

  • Please keep in mind the download files are large and can take 15 minutes or more to download. If you see the little box (in Windows) saying "Downloading File" that means it's working, please be patient. (Or for Mac users, if you see it in your Download Manager). If there is some slowness in your connection, which happens from time to time on the Internet, the download could take longer.

AOL Users

  • The AOL browser does not work with our security system! This means that it won't let you log in and download the file. This is just the AOL browser, though. Shut down their browser and start up Internet Explorer (or Firefox or pretty much any other browser) and it should work normally

Mac Users

  • Instead of Right-click, to save the video use CTL click, then choose Save Link As. Check your "Download Manager" - it should be listed there. If you do not see it in your Download Manager we suggest you start over again.

  • If you did not choose a download location the file will be saved by default to your Desktop.

Older Computers

  • If the video runs slowly or choppy it may be that your computer is being over-taxed. Close any other running programs while watching the video.

  • If it still runs slow try using the DivX Player or BS Player. Both have a free version available.

If you can't download for some reason, please make note of these things:

  • Are you using a Download Manager? It might be incompatible with our site. Try disabling it for a moment and try the download exactly the way listed in our instructions.
  • Are you running other software that could interfere with your ability to download files? Anti-virus, anti-spyware, or firewalls could be blocking it - that's their job, after all. Try disabling them, just long enough to get the download.

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