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We are now offering full-length
videos in a digitized format to view on your computer. Download the video, watch it any time!

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Available Now    11/24/2017  

• X-Roommate Games
Two ex-roommates wrestle it out

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.2 MB

• Athena 47: Don't be a Macho

Buy Now - $21.95

• Athena 33: Blonde Power 2:
  Robin vs Steve

Buy Now - $21.95

• Muscle Enforcer
FOR HIRE - Muscle Enforcement Services. Muscle Intimidation included via Kasie's BIG thick muscles ... Two credit risk losers borrow from the local mob and default on the loan. Big mistake!

Buy Now - $24.95     View Trailer - 4.6 MB

• SuperModel Play Wrestling
Cute young athletic girls in the wrestling studio putting the moves and holds on male opponents all in good fun.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.4 MB

• Athena 89: Flame Dragan in Paris:
  Flame Dragan vs Steve

Canadian fitness wrestler FLAME DRAGAN is a nicely muscular, athletic looking, all natural redhead girl. She has a vast arsenal of holds, amazing energy , loads of power ... real action, nothing fake!

Buy Now - $24.95

• Athena 81: Baby Doll Wrestling:
  Stacy vs Steve

Gorgeous Californian Stacy Burke knows her holds, and uses them all to dominate Steve in this video.

Buy Now - $24.95

• Athena 32: Blonde Power 1:
  Robin vs Steve

Buy Now - $21.95

• Athena 94: Afrika in Paris:
  Afrika vs Steve

Steve really does his best to resist our Californian Amazon, but ends up totally dominated by her crazy head-scissors, deadly sleepers, the so-painful camel clutch, and many more moves

Buy Now - $24.95

• Athena 78: Robin at LA Challenge 2:
  Robin vs Steve

Buy Now - $21.95

• Athena 73: The Asian Model
Scissors, face-sittings, foot worship, smothering... Anne Hurricane delivers the full range of female domination.

Buy Now - $21.95

• Athena 86: Anne Hurricane vs Steve
If you're interested to see a stunning Asian fitness girl dominating and squeezing a stupid guy... This tape is for you !!

Buy Now - $24.95

• Athena 76: Sunset Wrestling:
  Kasie vs Steve

Buy Now - $21.95

• Athena 69:
  Liz Lightning vs Steve

Liz, trained martial artist and gymnast, is amazingly strong. Anyone who sees her will think she is just a fit nice looking blond, but they will be in for a surprise...

Buy Now - $21.95     View Trailer - 7.9 MB

• Doctor, Doctor / The Audition
A double-bill featuring Kris Luebke and Debby Northcraft. Kris Luebke was the overall winner of the 1989 Women's Extravaganza.
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.3 MB

• Twisted Sisters
Awesome bodybuilders Debra Hanson and Laura Vukov wrestle males into submission

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.5 MB

• Family Reunion:
  With Karla Nelsen

Karla Nelsen stars as Julie, who as a young girl was teased by her cousin. Now she's grown up into a massive muscular amazon out for revenge!

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 3.9 MB

• Deadly Amazons
Three films of muscular, dominant fighting women. Ninja assassin amazon fights off street attackers; crime fighting detective amazon gets her man; wild jungle amazon can't be tamed; plus special appearance by Dot Jones.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.5 MB

• Write to Stryke
Mixed wrestling, domination, athletic action
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 3.9 MB

• Gender Heroics

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4 MB

Womens Muscle Domination - Two women, Malena and Brianna, wrestle two men, Derrick and Lautrec. First, the women talking, teasing, and dressing, then gym workout, sparring and flexing .. then it's on to real the matches - fast, furious submission bouts that leave the men gasping.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.5 MB

• Armageddawn
Featuring Dawn W, bodybuider, doing lifts, wrestling, posing and flexing.
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer -

• Body Mechanics:
  Body Mechanics & Family Values

A Double Feature. In Body Mechanics, Professor Deep meets his new assistant, bodybuilder Marlena. In Family Values, Deep and Cristiana go through sequences of mixed posing and body parts comparisons
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.1 MB

• Abuser Friendly / Boss's Folly
Double Feature. Abuser Friendly is a 22 minute video featuring Janell Ennis and Nancy Lewis, two powerful women, showing who's boss in the office. In Boss's Folly, a young woman with powerful legs starts her new job by teaching her boss a few lessons...
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.2 MB

• Executive Obsession
Muscle domination, massive thighs, measuring, lifts, play
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 8.86 MB

• How 2 Hold Your Man
Featuring the muscular brunette exotic dancer, Nancy Staiger. Posing segments, gym workout, entertaining outdoors and bedroom scenes with gentlemen.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.3 MB

• Trapped in Amber
Features world class physique model MALENA modeling poolside and in various stages of undress, plus mixed wrestling, lift & carry, and measuring her huge muscles.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.6 MB

• Protocol
An intimate interview and two comic muscle vignettes featuring wrestling and submission scenarios
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4 MB

• Me & Ruby Brown
Attractive fitness model Ruby Brown performs WMD - Womens Muscle Domination - on a smaller male victim
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer -

• Pounds Per Square Inch
Starring the amazing Amazon Eva Eriksson in wrestling, interview, feats of strength.

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.27 MB

• Schoolboy Crush
School psychiatrist, a tall, blonde Nordic Valkyrie, explains the Freudian principles of a man's need to be crushed by powerfully built muscular women...

Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.3 MB

• Tantric Wrestling
Youthful coed wrestling - muscle worship and leglock heaven. Features Joey & Friends, and Leta & Friends.
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4 MB

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